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Our intentions of online casino USA were to provide the #1 service and advice for US players online seeking the right legal guidance to the best casinos online. We are also committed to provide these same qualities to players all over the world and here, you can enjoy our guide for the Norwegian market.

Playing Online vs. Land-Based Casinos

How do you approach gambling? Do you opt for the Internet and the vast numbers of sites that provide literally anything and everything? Or do you abide by what the Norwegian government offers as a means of getting your fix for fun and entertainment? Here in this section of our guide to online casinos, we look at the differences to paint a picture of the opportunities you face between both playing online and playing in land-based sites available in Norway.

Playing in Land Based Casinos

When it comes to Norwegian gambling laws, it gets very tricky. As Norway is not part of the EU and its approach to gambling, the country is able to make its own laws and no matter how firm they are, and they are! Players must abide by the sanctions.

In Norway, players are able to access outlets that provide Norsk Rikototo and Norsk Tipping, these are the only two sources whereby you can gamble on sports betting, primarily horses and play the lottery with keno games as an additional option. In 2006 slot machines were outright banned and in 2009, interactive video terminals were introduced with specialist card requirements to access them.

To say the options are limited would be an understatement for Norwegian players, but it is all relative to what players are looking to profit from, so for some it is ideal and for others, it’s just not enough.

Playing in Online Casinos

When it comes to playing online the landscape changes dramatically when it comes to the opportunities of gambling. There are vastly more ways to play and more ways to win. There is no law in Norway that outright bans online casinos, case and point is that no government would be brave enough to start blocking sites and removing the freedom the Internet provides.

What allows players to gamble online is the use of overseas casinos. Sites registered outside of the Norwegian borders and licensed by other governmental bodies and regulators. Players in Norway have an abundance of options because of these measures. You can join many casinos registered in Europe under the EU Act, you have casinos registered in the UK, Gibraltar and even as far as Canada. The UK Gambling Commission and the Malta Gaming Authority are the two biggest licensing bodies in the world and as such, they have scores of online casinos that provide a service to players wishing to gamble with Krone currency.

Playing online expands the gaming options massively with sports betting, live dealer games and thousands upon thousands of slot machines.

Choosing to Play Online

When faced with online options, it can be somewhat overwhelming for a new player. There are indeed hundreds of sites online that are legally licensed and can service Norwegian players, but where to begin? Have no concern, despite the numbers, there are more legal sites on the Internet than illegal ones. Use of an independent comparison site will help to make your decision more finite.

Selecting the Right Casino

There are three points to bear in mind when looking for an online casino to join.

1) Is the online casino servicing Norwegian players legal?

2) Is the online casino supporting players with safe software?

3) Is the ‘Norwegian’ casino legitimate?

These points are the foundation of any online gambling service. They must be regulated, tested, approved and meeting the codes of conduct to the online gambling industry and licensors.

Knowing these points first-hand will put you in good stead to finding and joining a worthy and reputable casino online in the Norwegian market. As a rule, all online casinos must make the information about their business available to their members. They must highlight and evidence their license number and regulator. The casinos must share with their members who owns the business and where they are registered. Lastly, they must also inform and note what security systems are used that are going to protect their members once registered.

Any online casino that doesn’t make it clear what these points of interest are, then they clearly have something to hid and it would be safe to assume they are perhaps performing an illegal service or a service that doesn’t entirely meet the high standards expected of a gambling operator.

Perks of an Online Player

There is no debate when it comes to which service offers more rewards, online casinos or land based ones? The answer is and always will be the online casino. The Internet paved the way for the next evolution, and it did with every other form of business. When you step into online gambling sites, Norwegian players have a huge landscape of possibilities to win real money from the service.

Gaming provides many games and with them many variations of those games. You will have a choice of over 5000 different slot machines. You can play classic games both in their virtual format or as a one on one game against the casino’s dealer via live streaming table games. Then you add to this sports betting, lotteries, tournaments and the online casino is the only way players can get a complete range of the things they love to play most.

Additional Factors of an Online Casino to Benefit From

When you look for an online operator, the clearest advantage offered is that of bonuses which can be claimed from the second you sign up. The Internet has scores of sites and each one is giving you the opportunity to play your first selection of games with their own free credit. This will indeed allow you to win real money from the site by neutralising the risk upon your own finances.

Accessibility plays a key part in the success of the casino. You want to play when you want and where you want and as of 2017, all casinos became compatible with mobile systems to make it now the #1 global choice of how to play online casino games. If you have a device that has Windows, Android or iOS, then you can enjoy the features of a casino without even needing to download an app, should you wish to preserve your storage space.

Play Responsibly

Gambling in Norway is legal. Period. gambling can become a problem to some people and if it is to you, you can find the help that you require at our partner

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