Cricket betting sites and you: The Only Guide You Will Ever Need

cricket betting sites cricket betting sites

When it comes to cricket and betting, you will be hard pushed to find an Indian who does not love cricket and does not enjoy betting on it. In India, the two go together like love and marriage. In the following guide, we are going to tell you everything that you need to know about the best cricket betting sites in India. Trust us when we tell you that this is valuable information that you do not want to be missing out on.

The Markets You Can Find at the Best Cricket Betting Sites in India

Cricket is a popular sport for people to bet on across the globe because there are so many different markets that can be bet on. This will not come as a surprise to experienced cricket fans as they know just how many different factors can impact the events that happen in a match. Below we are going to briefly talk about some of the major cricket markets that you can bet on at the best online betting sites in India. We should stress that you will find these at online betting sites that do not accept Indian players. In other words, all cricket fans around the world will be able to register with cricket betting sites and bet on these markets.

Match betting: This is the simplest bet type that you can make at the best cricket betting sites as your aim is to predict the team that will win.

Series winner: In most cases, a team will not play just one game against another team. They will play a certain number of Tests, T20Is, and ODIs and this is called a series. The best betting sites India will allow you to bet on a series winner.

Match score: With this kind of bet, you pick one of the teams and then decide how many runs they will score in the match. Betting websites in India that you register with will give you a figure, such as 256.5 and you place a bet on whether you believe that the team you chose will score fewer or more runs than this figure.

Top batsman: You do not need to be a rocket scientist to figure out what this type of bet is. All you have to do is select the batsman that you believe will score the most runs. This is a tricky bet to get correct, and this can usually be seen from odds that betting sites India offer.

Top bowler: As well as betting on the best batsman, you can also try and predict the bowler that will pick up the most wickets in the game. This is also a hard bet for you to get right, so if you make the correct choice you can win a nice profit.

Player of the MatchEvery Indian betting site worth its salt will let their players try and predict who will be the best player in the game. This is a very difficult bet to get right, so the odds are usually very high.

Dismissal method: In cricket, a batsman can be got out in a number of different ways and you can place a bet on how they will be sent back to the pavilion. Batsman can be dismissed in these methods: LBW, bowled, caught, stumped, run out, or hit wicket.

When you are betting on cricket at an Indian betting site, it is always a good idea to check out the latest news so that you know whether any key players are injured or suspended. When it comes to great cricket news websites, we recommend you take a look at Times of India Cricket . This is our go to site when we are looking for all the latest cricket news.

What Are the Top 10 Cricket Bookies in India?

Cricket bettors spend billions of dollars each year, and Indians are responsible for a very good percentage of this, although gambling is something that is not prohibited in India. How can Indians manage to bet so much on cricket if gambling is not allowed within India? Well, the answer to this question is pretty simple and it is online cricket betting sites. Gambling might be mostly illegal in India, but there is no law that prevents Indians from signing up with online cricket betting sites and betting on cricket from there.

Below we are going to look at betting sites in India that you should consider registering with, but before we do we are going to give you some tips on what you need to look out for when looking for online cricket betting sites to register with.

Reputation: Before you sign up with different betting sites for cricket, you should take a bit of time to read some reviews. If you read reviews and come across a lot of negative feedback, then you should just click the back button and look for another Indian betting site. There are many fantastic betting sites now that you do not need to settle for second best.

Odds: The odds at betting sites are not always the same, so you really should compare a few before you go ahead and make your final decision. It is best for you if you sign up with a bookmaker that provides the best odds as this means you will be getting value for the money that you worked so hard for.

Bonuses: The top betting sites will always offer bonuses that will entice new customers to open an account. It is vital that bonuses on offer are attractive otherwise betting sites in India will not get many new customers opening an account with them. Therefore, take the time to look around to see what bonus offers are on the table before jumping in and making your final decision.

Customer support: If a bookmaker has a rubbish customer care service, then it is important that you give them a wide berth and go and deposit your money elsewhere. Signing up with a bookie that has poor customer support will only cause you an array of issues down the line. To check whether their customer support is up to scratch, send them a mock query and see how they respond to it.

So, now you know what you need to look out for, we are now going to give you a list of ten great bookies that Indian cricket bettors should have a closer look at:

  • Funbet
  • 22Bet
  • Betway
  • Spin Casino
  • 10Cric
  • Royal Panda
  • LeoVegas
  • 888sport
  • Unibet
  • Bet365

All of the above bookies can be considered to be IPL betting sites as they all provide a variety of markets are competitive odds for the Indian Premier League. Since this is one of the most popular cricket competitions in the world, we thought that it is imperative that the sites we recommend all provide plenty of IPL betting options. For what it is worth, our favourite bookmaker from the list above, although there is not a lot to choose between them all is Bet365 cricket . We just like the layout of the site and how easy it is on the eye.

How to Bet at Indian Cricket Betting Sites

Betting on cricket, you will be happy to find out, is a simple thing that you can get to grips with in a matter of minutes. Below we are going to quickly outline the betting process that you will have to go through whenever you want to bet on this great sport.

  1. Sign into your bookmaker account and check what money you have in it
  2. If you are low on funds, deposit some using the deposit methods available
  3. Locate the cricket markets page and find something that entices you
  4. Select it, and it will then be automatically added to your betting slip - this will usually be on the right
  5. Decide on the value of your stake and add it to your betting slip
  6. When you are happy with your choices, click on the submit option

Betting Sites in India - Do They Have Live Betting?

When bookies arrived on the gambling scene, live betting was not possible. If you wanted to bet on a sporting event, you had to do it before it started or not at all. However, as we all know, technology has improved a lot in the last couple of decades, and now live betting is available at every bookie that is serious about what they do.

We are pretty sure that you want to place live cricket bets at some point, so you should take a few moments to check whether a bookie you are thinking about opening an account which offers live betting. All the bookmakers that we mentioned above have great live betting options available.

It Is Best to Sign Up with Online Cricket Betting Sites in Indian Rupees

Online bookies have a wide variety of currencies that they accept, and we recommend that you sign up with an online betting site in Indian rupees if they have rupees as one of their accepted currencies. The reason why we recommend this is that when you deposit Indian rupees, you will not be subjected to any conversion fees. When conversion fees come into the equation, they can be quite costly, so it is always best to avoid them whenever you have the chance to do so. The majority of the bookmakers that we recommended above are online betting sites in Indian rupees.

Is It Legal to Bet on Cricket in India?

Is it legal to gamble in India? This is a question that we are asked quite often and which we are going to answer now. For the most part, gambling is strictly prohibited throughout India, although this does not apply to Goa and Sikkim, where you can find a number of land-based casinos. When it comes to sports, the only sport that you are currently legally able to bet on in India is horse racing – we are not entirely sure why the government have given this sport some special treatment.

However, when it comes to gambling online, there is no mention of it in the country’s laws and regulations. This is mostly due to the fact that India are still using gambling acts from the time when they were still a British colony – a time when the Internet and online gaming did not exist. What we can tell you though is that it is not illegal for you to gamble at online bookies from within India. We have yet to hear of anyone receiving a huge fine or a being sent to prison for being caught gambling online in India, so you have nothing to worry about.

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