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The online betting industry in India has steadily grown over the last decade and is already ahead of online casino US popularity despite the equal law confusions. The factors that contribute to this are economic, legal, and technical. Although there are few traditional land-based casinos in India, they are now many online casinos available to its citizens. This detailed article promises to talk extensively about online casinos in India, top casino games providers, multiple games available, and the legal status of online gambling in the country.

The Legal Status of Online Gambling in India

While gambling can be found in every nook and corner in India, the legal status of betting, in general, remains messy and unclear. The first law made to regulate any manner of betting in India was the public gambling act of 1867 which empowers the central government to manage all types of games.

As betting progressed so did the need for a new law: The Delhi gambling law 1955. This law allowed all types of gambling games except for pure games of chance. Twenty years later, some Indian states began to realize the potential in gambling, and states such as Goa, Sikkim, and Nagaland took the lead. These states permitted the existence of casinos (Goa gaming laws 1976, Sikkim online gambling regulation act 2008 and Nagaland online games of skill act 2005) and were made to regulate all forms of gambling in those states.

It is important to note that even while these laws exist, not all casino games are allowed. Furthermore, although some other states like Maranrasha and west Bengali have similar laws, it remains partially legal. What is however clear is that betting online in India is flexible, so you have nothing to fear. Always make sure you gamble on licensed online casino sites and you will be fine.

Choosing a Reputable Online Casino in India

Choosing a good online casino is hard. It is recommended that you use the services of a casino comparison site for trustworthy recommendations. According to casinos-india.in it is vital that you follow this advice:

Only wager at licensed online casinos

All casinos that operate in India should have a valid gaming license and be registered with recognised gambling authorities. The internet has good and bad sides to it. There exist fraudulent betting sites that steal information from their customers or rig games. Always go with licensed sites that use state-of-the-art encryption systems to deter fraud.

Take advantage of Casino bonuses

Bonuses are offered by various internet casinos to their customers in order to retain them. Register with an online gaming outlet that can guarantee you a generous bonus with fair wagering requirements.

Look for the games you want to play

You should consider online casinos that can provide an array of interesting and easy games. Varieties increase your chance of winning.

Excellent customer service

Customer service is important in all internet-related businesses, therefore, it will be in your interest to only use the service of those with good and smart customer agents.

Easy and fast payment methods

Credit deposits and withdrawal are sometimes difficult with some casinos. Try to get casinos that offer a good payment plan and easy transfer of payouts.

The Best Online Casino for Indian Players

While it is true that all casinos have their strength and weakness, some are still ahead of others in service provision.

Genesis casino

This top dog of online betting in India is a good recommendation. It has over 1,200 online games and many credit options. It has many online outlets all over Asia.

Betway India

This is the Indian gambling online casino of an intentional betting giant. It has about 39 branches worldwide with a plethora of gaming markets and huge RTP slot games.

Jackpot City

A pioneer of online casino betting in India. Its game odds are pretty high and give some amazing bonuses to their customers.

10cric Casino

This Indian online casino has been available for a while with about 650 games. They have some interesting market options and online crediting is simple. Their website may sometimes be slow, but they are pretty stable.


It will be a crime to talk about Indian online casinos without mentioning Leovegas. Their slot games have some decent designs and animations. With about 900 games of chance and skill, you should enjoy betting with them.

Finally, some other notable internet casinos in India include Twin, 22bet, and Come On casino.

Popular Indian Online Casino Games

While there exist a multitude of money games online you can wager on, some are famous and easy to play than others.

  • Online slot machines

Slots games are flexible and don't require strategy. That is why they are the most played online casino games. It comes with nice features and designs. Some popular slots games are Terminator 2, Garden of Eden, Mechanic, and Super Mario.

  • Blackjack

Next to slot machines is the gentlemen's game of Blackjack. A strategy based card game where you and your friends can duel against the dealer. Unlike slots though, you need some knowledge to play this game. Winning can be huge if you play wisely.

  • Roulette

Roulette involves spinning a ball to reach a number or color of your choice. It is both a chance and a skill game. Online roulette offers good percentage players can use.

  • Teen Patti

Teen patti is an Indian card game, sometimes called on some platforms Indian Flush. It is similar to three hand poker and bettors who wish to make money on this game need to be watchful and patient.

Lastly, some other amazing games are poker, rummy, craps, and baccarat.

How Can You Make Good Money at an Online Casino?

While it is true that nothing is certain in life, some steps should be taken to improve your chances of making real cash in online casino games.

Learn the strategy of the game

Before wagering on any game, you should try to learn the rudiments of the game to make your chances more visible. Don't get greedy, you may lose.

Avoid Chasing Your Loss

Every player has his good and bad days, the idea is to limit your loss and increase your winning. Whenever you have a bad day at gambling, accept that you have lost and come back later.

Use online betting strategies

While it is true that not all online gambling strategies work, some have good information that can help you succeed at betting.

Stake with what you can afford to lose

Money doesn't grow on trees, you should be careful on how you bet. Some gamblers bet with borrowed money or people's savings; never indulge in such act, bet with what you have.

Always see betting as entertainment and not like a business

While many gamblers are professionals, it will do you a lot of good to see it as a means of fun and just enjoy yourself.

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