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Do you believe in destiny?  Is it possible that by understanding the energies that were in place at the time of your birth you can discover information about what your life's destiny may be?

Many of us are aware that astrology is one way to understand how the time and place of our birth may affect our life's destiny.  You can also learn about the lessons and challenges of your life's journey by understanding your Tarot profile - the way that the numerology of your birthday corresponds with the Tarot.

In this series of articles, I have explained how to discover which of the Major Arcana cards (the 22 trump cards) of the Tarot is your soul or destiny card.  The Major Arcana of the Tarot is often thought of as a metaphor for the soul's path through its life lessons.  These twenty-two cards begin with the card of the Fool (whose number is zero), and continue through the symbols and archetypes until reaching completion and enlightenment, Number 21, the World.  This path is often called "The Fool's Journey."

In my most recent article, I discussed the first three steps of this path - the Fool, who takes the leap of faith, the Magician, who uses his will to manifest his desire, and the High Priestess, who represents the dark, mysterious, intuitive side of the sacred Feminine.

From these three beginning steps, we are upon the Fool's Path in earnest, with the next phase of it being focused on issues revolving around power and creativity.

For people whose date of birth reduces to 21, 12, and/or 3, the Empress is your guiding card.  She is the other face of the sacred Feminine - the Great Mother.  She represents the fertile, creative union of the Magician and the High Priestess.  The destiny of Empress people revolves around their need to create, to give birth to their dreams.  They are nurturers, they feel that comfort and beauty are as necessary as air or water, and they are deeply aware of the connection of all life.  On the other hand, they need to be careful not to smother the people they love, and must take care to not be too bossy, even if (as they will always believe) it is for their loved ones' own good.  If you are ruled by the Empress, you are ruled by love, and your life's task is to turn your creative imagination into lush, abundant reality.

Some famous Empress profiles include Johann Goethe, Amelia Earhart, Indira Gandhi, Margaret Mead, Colette, Robert Kennedy, Judy Garland, Miles Davis, and Bill Cosby.

If the Empress is about the ruling power of love, the next profile is about how to wield earthly power and might - for these are the people of the Emperor.  If your birthday reduces to 22, 13, or 4, the Emperor is the key to understanding your birth's energy.  Emperor people have their life lessons focused on establishing security, father issues, as well as when and how to use physical force.  They are deeply concerned with the nature of the life force itself and may come to terms with their mortality by creating a legacy that will continue beyond their death.

Emperor people seek mastery of their chosen professions, and find it very difficult to work under other people's authority.  They are born leaders, and very organized, although they are also explorers and love the process of discovery.  If you are under the influence of the Emperor, you need not fear your own substantial charisma and power.  You are an inventor, a dynamic leader, and have the potential to build new worlds.

You share your Tarot profile with such dynamic innovators and leaders as Leonardo da Vinci, Benjamin Franklin, Haile Selassie, Mark Twain, Sigmund Freud, Richard Wagner, and Marie Curie.

There is another kind of power and authority with which we are familiar.  While the Emperor wields earthly power, the next figure in the Tarot is the Hierophant - representing the power of law, knowledge, and spiritual teachings.  The word Hierophant means "Speaker of Mysteries" and it represents the bridge between the power of the ruler (the Emperor) and the ordinary public.

If your date of birth reduces to 14 or 5, the Hierophant is the Tarot card that represents your karmic tasks and challenges.  Hierophant people are skilled in making complex information understandable to the public; they are teachers, storytellers, and trusted advisors.  If you are under the influence of the Hierophant, you are ruled by your deeply developed conscience, and morals and values are of great importance to you.  Beware of a tendency at times to be self-righteous.  Part of your work in this life will be to develop compassion and forgiveness.  Learn to lighten up, remember that you are human and everyone makes mistakes sometimes; for Hierophants, it may be the very best way for you to learn.

William Blake, Paul Cezanne and his colleague Auguste Renoir, Malcolm X, Abraham Lincoln, Mao Tse Tung, Helen Keller, Georgia O'Keefe, John Steinbeck, and Alan Watts are just a few of the many leaders and artists who have achieved greatness under the Hierophant's influence.

Coming next time, we'll finish examining the main archetypes of the Tarot profile, including the Lovers, the Chariot, Strength, and the Hermit.  Then we'll examine how the remaining Major Arcana cards tie in with these nine basic themes.

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